N95 vs. Lotus Notes Traveler

I strongly need a new mobile phone as the joystick on my Sony Ericsson is completely worn down due to wear and tear. I guess a couple of trips over the Pyrenees on bike in my back pocket didn’t help either… Anyways – I have been looking at the Nokia N95 and it seems like a really nice phone I can see myself owning – built in Wi-Fi is very nice!. However with the recent announcement of Lotus Notes Traveler I seriously have to wonder if I want to commit to a Symbian based phone. Maybe Windows Mobile is the route to take so I’m ready come 1Q 2008…

On the other hand I’m not really an email-on-the-go! person so maybe I should opt for the Nokia. I’m torn!

3 thoughts on “N95 vs. Lotus Notes Traveler”

  1. My personal choice: HTC TYTN II (Kaiser). I have Traveler and Sametime. Traveler has some bugs.. but is great… and Sametime.. wooow

    The Kaiser has a very good set of features.. the only thing is its weight. But I think it is as good as the N95


  2. Hi,

    I have N95 and recently installed Notes Traveller, now Traveller required alphanumerical password for Phone security code but N95 doesn’t support alphanumerical, It just support numerical values. So N95 is not compliant to Notes Traveller now. 😦

    Is there any way to setup alphanumerical pin code or add security module.

    I updated N95 OS as latest but no find no changes in security type. 🙂

    Any help will be highly appreciated. 

    Thanks in advance.


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