Update Site for Sametime – why not simply go local?

As pointed to by Adam Gartenberg there’s a new article out on developerWorks (Creating an update site for your IBM Lotus Sametime Connect plug-ins) on how to create an Update Site for your Sametime client deployment. As much as I would recommend the article I really would suggest that readers don’t stop there and read the entire story on Update Sites at Eclipse.org (How to keep up to date) before venturing into this territory.

Although the developerWorks article does a nice job of describing the subject for the Sametime inclined I would recommend also reading about the Eclipse foundations…

As an aside I also wants to mention that you can test plugins using an Update Site without having a HTTP server ready (although we all have a Domino server ready, no?). You can do this because the Eclipse framework also allows for local Update Sites (i.e. on the same computer or on a network share). To use this feature simply choose “Local Site” instead of “Remote Site” and point your Sametime client to the Update Site directory under your Eclipse workspace. Very nice for testing.