Beware of Firefox

FYI – I have had big problems with the stability of Firefox so I would think twice before upgrading… My symptoms are crashing of the browser, big memory usage and general slowness…

3 thoughts on “Beware of Firefox”

  1. afak, big memory usage is how Firefox always behaves. is it perchance an extension going berserk?
    I run TalkBack, FlashGot, Image Zoom, Adblock, GreaseMonkey, IE View, Adblock Filterset.G updater, Full Screen, DOM Inspector

    Cheers, Lars


  2. What?! Why aren’t you using Firefox 2? It’s been out for almost a year!

    I used 1.5 for almost a month after 2 came out, citing stability reasons, but THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO REASON NOT TO MOVE TO FF 2.


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