Turning 30!

Oh no! The big three-zero is nearing – I’m turning 30 the day after tomorrow (Sunday). I guess I have to find a more mature-looking picture for the picture on the right… 🙂

5 thoughts on “Turning 30!”

  1. Happy birthday – Been reading your blog with interest for a while now.

    Nah – no need to grow up just because you are 30. I’m 33 and it hasn’t happened to me yet!


  2. Happy birthday for tomorrow. I echo Steve’s comments: I hit 34 later this year, have three kids, and am facing up to my tenth wedding anniversary. BUt I still haven’t grown-up :o)


  3. Hi Mikkel, although I’m one day late:
    But don’t worry, you are not old until you think you are (or other people tell you you are).
    All the best


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