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Show 'n Tell Thursday: Removing the slash screen from Sametime 7.5 (5 October 2006)

Since Sametime 7.5 is built upon the Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP) you can hack it as such. In Eclipse RCP programs the slash screen is a configurable component which led me to believe it could be removed. And I was right. The below guidelines are for Windows but should be applicable to other platforms as well.

To not display the slash screen at startup do as follows:

  • Open your Windows Explorer and navigate to your Sametime 7.5 installation directory (C:\Program Files\IBM\Sametime 7.5)
  • Open the "configuration" directory
  • Open the config.ini file in your favorite editor
  • Remove the second line of the file (the one starting with "osgi.splashPath") or comment it out by inserting a #-character at the start of the line
  • Save and close the file
When restarting Sametime the slash screen should be gone.

Happy days! Please note that this approach probably isn't supported but hey - shouldn't it be a configurable option in the first place? ;-)

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