Ytria EZ Suite 10 – now with DDE integration

A couple of days ago I received an e-mail from Ytria telling me that a new version of the Ytria tools was available and that I could go a read about what’s new in EZ Suite 10. I did and I was impressed. Now I have been a user of the Ytria tools for a couple of years and have always been impressed by the ease of use and the power of the tools.

The EZ Suite has always been separate applications and something you launched alongside Notes or Domino Designer (albeit from a SmartIcon) but in version 10 they take it to the next level by providing integration directly into Domino Designer on Eclipse (DDE). This is really cool and provides right-click action to many of of the tools include nifty stuff such as signing a design element with another id-file. Good work by the team at Ytria and the tools is definitely still part of my arsenal.

Disclaimer: I have a free version of the EZ Suite courtesy of Ytria.

Ytria Summer Promotion

If you’re developing in Notes and if you’re not using the Ytria tools you’re crazy! Crazy I tell you! 😉 Once I saw that Ytria was repeating their promo from last summer I had to share it.

I have been using their suite of tools since last year and I’m finding it increasingly difficult to live without actionBarEZ and signEZ. The first because I hate doing repetitive work and it lets me easily copy action bar design styles among views, forms and subforms and the latter because, as a consultant for hire, I do a lot of signing and cleaning up before shipping databases to customers. signEZ lets me do that and it is much easier than using the Domino Administrator.

This is why I don’t find it hard to recommend that you stop by Ytria and take advantage of their Summer Promotion where you can get free license keys that will last you until 25 August.

Oh! And they’re stand-up guys too and look so cute at Lotusphere in their orange t-shirts! 🙂 At Lotusphere 2007 I hung out with Andre Hausberger to talk about a new tool they where doing (agentEZ). Before long Andre had fetched the lead developer and we were taling feature requests and possible solutions… How’s that for accessibility! 😉