Celebrating Yellow Day – LotusScript.doc v2 beta for download

To celebrate Yellow Day I’m releasing the first public LotusScript.doc v2 beta for download. To get it download the lsdoc_200beta3.zip file, unzip it and create a new database from the template. I’ll soon blog about all the new goodness in version 2 but for now suffice to say there’s a host of stuff. If nothing else you should notice a major increase in performance meaning documenting databases now take a fraction of the time it used it with version 1.

Please note that this is a beta but it should be ready for prime time. It documents my databases just fine. If you do experience anything you deem weird, or dare I say a bug, please report it by e-mail to lekkim [at] lsdoc.org.

Looking forward to hearing you comments. Thanks.

The fine print

LotusScript.doc is now written in Java and to run LotusScript.doc on non-trivial databases you need to allocate more memory to Java than what’s the standard in the Notes client. To do this follow the description below.

  1. Change the maximum possible Java heap size in notes.ini by setting JavaMaxHeapSize=256M to allow for 256 mb of Java heap.
  2. (optional) Change the /jvm/lib/security/java.
    policy and add the two following lines at the bottom of the first “grant” section. For more information see this blog post. This is only required to enable logging and it’s not required.

    // LotusScript.doc
    permission java.util.logging.LoggingPermission "control";