Lotus Symphony mentioned on the Windows Weekly podcast

I listened to the Windows Weekly podcast today (episode 36) and Lotus Symphony was mentioned (from 28:55-32:30). The podcast is from the TWIT network. Besides being a very positive review, although they mention that it’s still beta 1, they also mention that it’s the same technology used in the Notes products. Very nice.

Some quotes:

  • “I’m excited!”
  • “But unlike openoffice.org and Star Office this Lotus branded suite is actually nice looking. It really is!”
  • “There’s already in this early version a certain clarity and polish that doesn’t exist in Open Office”
  • “It works on Linux AND Windows”
  • “For most people Office is a daunting purchase”
  • “It already is, as you said, more polished than anything Open Office or Star Office has ever come out with by far!”

Windows Weekly episode 36: The News from Redmond