Stuff from the Lotus Traveler Info Center

I have reading a little on Lotus Notes Traveler and have found some tidbits I need to remember such as links, port numbers etc. Please excuse the use of the <blink> tag below but the fact that self-signed certificates doesn’t work is, IMO, *very* important to notice. You should also notice the requirement that the server have Manager access to mail files.

  • From “Installing the server”: The Domino server that is hosting the Lotus Notes Traveler server must have Manager access to all user mail files. This task can be accomplished by making the Domino server part of the LocalDomainServers group.
  • It’s possible to auto-configure clients using a “bootstrap” file (Configuring the server/Creating the bootstrap file)
  • New Traveler notes.ini settings
  • Default port number is 8642 for autosync (TCP port number and host addresses that device clients can use to register with the Lotus Notes Traveler AUTOSYNC server.)
  • Default port number is 50125 for IPC (Inter process socket connection between Lotus Notes Traveler Server and its HTTP server servlet. Add this notes.ini setting to override the default port number and optionally the host address.)
  • Troubleshooting:
    • To see if running: look for traveler.exe in the Microsoft Windows® Task Manager
    • Verifying directory access: tell traveler show >user<
    • Stats: Traveler.*
  • Known limitations:
    • Rich Text is not supported
    • Encryption is not supported
    • “Retrieve Full Email” is not available for Drafts
    • Self-signed certificates do not work with Lotus Notes Traveler clients.
  • Domino 8.0.1 release notes

I’m so Notes Traveler ready…

Got my new cell phone yesterday… It’s a Samsung i600 running Windows Mobile 6 so it’s Notes Traveler ready when it ships with Notes/Domino 8.0.1 i 1Q2008. First impressions of the phone are very favorable and I think it’s going to fit me just fine. A nice feature is that the package includes two batteries and an external charger to charge the second battery outside the phone. Whether that means that the phone consumes at LOT of battery power remains to be seen.

So far only one small thing. How do you find the MAC address of the built in Wifi? Well you simply dial *#1546792*# (or invoke WindowsAdminSettings.exe) and find in under “Version”. Strange but it works. Wifi from bed… 🙂

N95 vs. Lotus Notes Traveler

I strongly need a new mobile phone as the joystick on my Sony Ericsson is completely worn down due to wear and tear. I guess a couple of trips over the Pyrenees on bike in my back pocket didn’t help either… Anyways – I have been looking at the Nokia N95 and it seems like a really nice phone I can see myself owning – built in Wi-Fi is very nice!. However with the recent announcement of Lotus Notes Traveler I seriously have to wonder if I want to commit to a Symbian based phone. Maybe Windows Mobile is the route to take so I’m ready come 1Q 2008…

On the other hand I’m not really an email-on-the-go! person so maybe I should opt for the Nokia. I’m torn!