Show ‘n Tell Thursday: Fixing the sorting in the “Recent Messages” (16 Feb 2006)

If you are like me (and most of the organizations I do consulting for) you like the newest e-mails to be on top in the inbox which is the opposite of the default sorting in the inbox. Previously, Notes 5 and earlier, you had to customize the $Inbox-folder in the mail template to achieve this. Since Notes 6 and the addition of persistant sorting of view/folder columns you don’t need to do this anymore since the users can do it themselves.

This is all well and good but if you use the “My Work” bookmarks page you will see that the newest e-mails are at the bottom of the “Recent Messages” list on the Today-page no matter how to sort your e-mails. This annoyed me for a while until I decided to track down why the sorting of the $Inbox-folder wasn’t honored.

As you can see below I found the offending option and fixed it.

To fix the sorting you need to open the bookmark.nsf database in the Designer and go to the list of forms. Find the form called “ng-today_mail” and open it for editing.

Now select the embedded view in the content pane and bring up the preference box. Go to the second tab and deselect the “Show recent first” option. Save and close the design element.

That should do it.

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