Contributing to a developerWorks wiki

Today I entered the IBM wiki world by contributing to the Composite Application wiki over at developerWorks. It all started with me having to figure out how to add menu items to the menu of a sideshelf component. I found the answer in the wiki (for those interested it’s quite easy using the org.eclipse.ui.viewActions extension point). What I didn’t find was an example of how to programmatically add actions which I also needed so once I figured it out I added the information to the wiki. Programmatically adding actions is useful if you don’t know which actions to add at compile and/or deployment time.

So if you go to the page on creating sideshelf components you’ll find a section on programmatically adding actions.

I really like the idea of the wikis and I really feel good after having contributed. Get some, give some.

P.S.: I know I’m still way behind blogging on my holiday compared to Ed Brill… 🙂