Configure Eclipse 3.4 for Notes 8.5 plug-in development

So ever since I got one of the first drops of Notes 8.5 and with increasing effort since the public beta of Notes 8.5 came out I have been trying to get my Eclipse IDE ready for Notes 8.5 plug-in development no without success. Shout outs to IBM have been unsuccessful… 😦

Notes 8.5 is built on Expeditor 6.2 which in turn is based on Eclipse 3.4 (codenamed Ganymede). I couldn’t get my Eclipse 3.2/Expeditor 6.1 toolkit combo to work with Notes 8.5 and without an Expeditor toolkit for Expeditor 6.2 I couldn’t get my Eclipse 3.3/3.4 to work.

Finally today I managed to get my Eclipse IDE configured by piecing together different pieces of information found via Google. Below is a description on how to configure the latest build of Eclipse Ganymede (3.4 RC2) for Notes 8.5 plug-in development and debugging. Only caveat I have discovered so far is that I manually have to update the classpath for SWT libraries (e.g. org.eclipse.ui.swt) every time I restart Eclipse.

Once you have gone through the steps in the description (see link below) you should be able to run plug-in projects in Eclipse 3.4 using Notes 8.5.

Good luck!! 🙂

Configure Eclipse 3.4 RC2 for Notes 8.5 public beta

Notes 8.5 AppDev woes

I’m trying to get Notes 8.5 to play nice with my Eclipse IDE but without any luck. This means I can’t compile anything for the Notes 8.5 beta client. I started with Eclipse 3.3 since Notes 8.5 is based on Expeditor 6.2 which is based on Eclipse 3.3 but without success as it wont install on that platform. No luck in my Eclipse 3.2 / Expeditor toolkit combo either as I either have the Notes client plug-ins avaiable (e.g. Sametime) or the Eclipse platform (org.eclipse.ui) available. Can’t seem to get both working! 😦

Will post in the beta forum now…

TwitNotes – Notes 8.5 beta is not supported

So the public beta of Notes 8.5 is out and I’m sorry to say that it doesn’t play nice with TwitNotes. I have been in contact with IBM Lotus about it (funny that they contacted me) and we’re working on finding out why.

I’ll post more as I find out why but for now it seems to be due to conflicting Java libraries in the TwitNotes plugin and the Notes 8.5 client as such. I thought they were in separate class loaders by it doesn’t appear that way.