Lotusphere 2008: Welcome reception

The following is from lotusphere.com:

Welcome reception

Attendees will gather poolside at the WALT DISNEY WORLD SWAN and DOLPHIN Resort on Sunday night for the annual Lotusphere welcome reception. This year the theme is Beach Blast—you’re invited to put on your most colorful tropical shirt and join us for a Beach Blast of massive proportions as we celebrate our 15th year of coming together at the premier event for the Lotus software community. Seriously, pack your flowered tropical shirt and wear it on Sunday night.

Lotusphere 2008: BALD

If you’re going to Lotusphere 2008, and

  • you’re blogging,
  • or want to be but aren’t yet,
  • or are at the hotel early,
  • or don’t have anything else to do on Saturday before Lotusphere

be sure to stop by the Big River Brewery (on the boardwalk) on Saturday at 3.30PM for the annual BALD (Blogger Annual Lotusphere Dinner). And for the record – it isn’t as much a dinner as just an excuse for drinking beer…

Lotusphere 2008

Things to do:

  1. Convince girlfriend that it is indeed a good idea that you attend a 5 day conference in sunny Florida while on holiday. Check!
  2. Book flight. Check! (Lufthansa from Copenhagen to Orlando via Frankfurt)
  3. Book hotel. Check! (Swan)
  4. Conference registration. Check!
  5. Eagerly await January… Pending!

Looking forward to see you all there!

P.S.: Convincing the girlfriend that attending the blogger gathering on Saturday evening is important will have to wait a little while I think… 😉