Fixing IBM Connections help for IE users

At a customer site they were actually using the IBM Connections help documents (a first I know) but it didn’t work for the users in Internet Explorer. After some research it turned out to be due to a missing compatability statement in the generated HTML documents (this statement is present in HTML generated for other features). I’ve previously reported this issue to IBM but it still hasn’t been fixed in version 4.0 CR3 so I took it upon me to find a solution. The solution turned out to be simpel using a “sledgehammer approach”. I simply used one of the cool modules in IHS (Apache) to add a compatability header to force all document into IE7 mode.

Below are the steps – YMMV.

  1. Open your httpd.conf file for edit
  2. Uncomment the mod_headers module near the top by removing the hash-character at the beginning so the line simply reads “LoadModule headers_module modules/”
  3. At the end of the file simply paste in the following command
    Header set X-UA-Compatible IE=7
  4. Save and close the file
  5. Restart the IHS