Video on how to install Callisto

Via EclipseZone: Instructional video on how to use the Callisto update site

As the post mentions it shows you in 2 minutes and 35 seconds how to install the entire 140 MB Callisto package. I downloaded Eclipse 3.2 yesterday and installed Callisto using the Callisto Discovery Site and it worked like a charm. Nice. I really like the XML editors that are part of the Callisto distribution – no more paying for XML editing. I’m missing a XSLT editor though… 😦

Funky Notes/Domino JVM error (java.lang.IllegalAccessError)

An interesting issue with the Domino JVM was brougt to my attention today via a comment from an anonymous (Paul M. Westwood?) poster today. As you can see from my reply to the comment I was able to reproduce the issue and I recommend that the commenter report the issue to Lotus Support.

The issue is of interest to me due to the work I have been doing on developing a new AgentBase class for use from Eclipse

EclipseZone: IBM Sametime Instant Messaging To Be Eclipse Based

The word is spreading:

“Although to some us (thanks to little drop-ins by Chris Aniszczyk) this may come as no surprise, it has become official that the Sametime instant-messaging client is now built throug the Eclipse Rich Client platform components.”

The post also mentions the new Sametime 7.5 Microsoft Office features mentioned by Ed Brill yesterday:

“Sametime 7.5, which will be available in about two months, will allow people to use instant-messaging features without having to leave Office applications. For example, a person could open up an e-mail inside Outlook and find out whether the sender is available on Sametime and where he or she is located.”

Full post @ EclipseZone: IBM Sametime Instant Messaging To Be Eclipse Based

Reading up on Eclipse

“This list is compiled from a variety of sources and is intended for anyone who wishes to find centralized reading material about Eclipse. One of the biggest challenges new Eclipse users face is where to find the right information for a task. This article provides a small step in solving that problem.”

Recommended Eclipse reading list via “Eclipse in the news”…

You might also want to check out’s list of the Best 27 Eclipse Tutorials by IBM