Need XSLT support in Callisto?

For some reason I fail to understand the recently released collection of plugins from the Eclipse Foundation (also referred to as Callisto) doesn’t include support for XSLT even though it has editors for XML, DTD’s and XML Schema (XSD). Support to XSLT is however very easy to add since you can use the EclipseXSLT plugin.

Installing is as easy as creating a new remote update site under “HelpSoftware UpdatesFind and Install” and installing it from there. The address to the update site is Took me 5 minutes or so. Easy. It does however require that you already installed the XML part of the Callisto release.

Video on how to install Callisto

Via EclipseZone: Instructional video on how to use the Callisto update site

As the post mentions it shows you in 2 minutes and 35 seconds how to install the entire 140 MB Callisto package. I downloaded Eclipse 3.2 yesterday and installed Callisto using the Callisto Discovery Site and it worked like a charm. Nice. I really like the XML editors that are part of the Callisto distribution – no more paying for XML editing. I’m missing a XSLT editor though… 😦