SSL certificates and the WAS plugin

Had some issues yesterday morning with the SSL certificate used between the WAS IHS plugin and WAS for a Lotus Connections installation (Dannotes in case you were wondering why you couldn’t log in this morning). Again it turned out to be the all to well known “ERROR: lib_stream: openStream: Failed in r_gsk_secure_soc_init: GSK_ERROR_BAD_CERT(gsk rc = 414)” issue where the SSL certificate from WAS isn’t trusted by the IHS WAS plugin.

The issue were “easily” solved by help of Technote 1264477 (GSK_ERROR_BAD_CERT error configuring SSL between Plug-in and Application Server V6.1). The solution is of course to extract the certificate from WAS and import it into the IHS WAS plugin keystore.

Configured the LinkedIn iWidget for Lotus Connections

Based on a blog post by Luis Benitez I configured the Linkedin iWidget for Lotus Connections yesterday. So if you’re a Dannotes Lotus Connections user you can now configure your profile page to show your Linkedin data as well (my profile).

The widget works by showing LinkedIn data alongside the profile page if the profile owner chooses to. Each user has to authorize the LinkedIn API to show the data. If he/she doesn’t it simply shows a message to that effect.

The documentation on how to install the iWidget leaves something to be desired but I managed and have it working now. I’m still IM’ing with a fellow yellow bleeder who is also trying to do the install. For him however it’s not working and we cannot seem to figure out why. My best guess is that the widget cannot figure out that he’s on his own profile but we’re not sure yet. Maybe it simply worked for me because I also did it on my MyDeveloperWorks page.

At Dannotes today

Today I’m at the Danish Notes User Group (Dannotes) in Korsør here in Denmark. This time there is a very interesting lineup for this two day event as Gabriella Davis from the Tutle Partnership is here to present on admin stuff and Andre Guirard from IBM is here to present on the new an exiting stuff for appdev. I actually just had a nice chat with Andre which was nice.

I’m doing, what I hope will be, an inspirational session on what’s possible in the Notes 8 client using widgets and some nice plug-ins. Should be fun.

Presentations from Dannotes

So I did both my sessions at Dannotes yesterday and then went very well. The sessions were back to back which was a little exhausting but I managed. My first session was on the business card system in Sametime from a developers point of view and the second was on composite applications. Only a minor Notes UI screw-up in the latter session when adding components to my composite application using the Composite Application Editor (CAE). Good thing I rehearsed the demos so I had the Notes URL’s cached in the dropdown.

I would share the presentations I used. The presentations are in Danish so they may of limited used to non-Danish speakers… 🙂


Dannotes in April 2008

It looks like I’ll be presenting two sessions at the Danish Notes Usergroup, Dannotes, in April 2008. One session will be on developing custom Sametime blackboxes and configuring the blackbox system in general (based on my THE VIEW articles on the subject) and the other one will be a general, technical, introduction to composite applications in general.