Using Abdera XPath on the Lotus Connections service document

As always namespaces and XPath/XSLT is “funny” to play around with. Tonight I have been messing a little with the ATOM feeds available in Lotus Connections and needed to use XPath to extract a URL from the service document instead of the object model in Abdera. I didn’t find it all together easy to figure out so I’ll post it here in case it helps anyone. The key is to specify a java.util.Map with the two namespaces in use (atom, app) when doing the XPath (the “ns” variable) and remembering to use the correct namespaces in the actual XPath string.

Document<Service> doc = ...;
XPath x = Abdera.getNewXPath();
Map ns = new HashMap();
ns.put("atom", "");
ns.put("app", "");

String link = x.valueOf("/app:service/app:workspace" +
   "/atom:link[@rel='" +
   "/mv/theboard']/@href", service, ns));
System.out.println("Link: " + link);