Hello WordPress World!

So I’ve finally made the move from the old trusted blogging platform I’ve been using since 2004 (!!) to WordPress.com. So no more hosting myself but hosting and paying a provider in the Cloud (WordPress.com). I’ve never really used WordPress besides looking looking a bit so this should be a fun adventure.

The conversion was done by yours truly using a script I wrote to convert from the old proprietary XML format to the WordPress format. The script is written in Typescript and can be found on Github if anyone is interested. To start out with the script would convert both posts, comments, tags, images and files but I was finding the import of images pretty unstable so for the final import I scrapped that part and just uploaded all images and files manually.

While I’ve been testing the support from WordPress.com has been very cool and very helpful. Thank you.

Final stats for the conversion was as follows:
Posts: 1633
Comments: 2542
Files: 142
Images: 402

All this since 2004 with my first post ever on adding additional tuners into my MythTV box to my last on the Pebble platform in 2018 on unsigned integers on Arduino.

Thank you Pebble. I’ll soon be putting the old server to rest in the recycle bin on some old VMWare server somewhere. We had fun. You’ve followed along for the last 14 years – let’s see what the future will bring.

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