Salesforce week 25-27 and finishing this weekly thing…

Wow!! A half year has gone by. Half a year… Where did the time go? Over the last weeks I’ve gradually noticed that my view on being with Salesforce has shifted from being “something new” to being “how things are”. On feeling at home in the organisation and that I know my place. Does new things come up sure but it’s feeling less and less like every day brings something new, a new badge or a new process. I’ve settled into the #Ohana. This is also why I’ve decided to stop writing these weekly posts and go back to writing “normal” blog posts. I still have a V2MOM goal of blogging once a week on average over my first year and I’m no track to meet that goal.

That being said being part of the organisation has also taught me just how much we need more people – the right people. I think it’s safe to say that we are constantly hiring so if you’re looking for something new reach out to me and I’ll be more than happy to talk and discuss what Salesforce is, which positions are open and how it’s like working for Salesforce.

In 3 weeks I’ll be heading off to my first off-site where the entire Salesforce CSG EMEA North will meet up in Barcelona for 3 days of training, networking and fun. Should be very nice disregarding that I’m flying out at 7am on Sunday and will probably go directly to the airport from a major party. Oh well – there’s time to sleep on the plane.

Top 5 from my first 6 months

  • Develop on the new Salesforce Lightning and become quite good at it
  • “Master” Salesforce and become 5 times Salesforce certified
  • Bootcamp in San Francisco
  • Delivering real business value at my customer and doing it with Lightning
  • Working with very nice and talented people

Status after this week

Trailhead points: 85325

Trailhead badges: 100

Certifications: 5 (Salesforce Certified Administrator, Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder, Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator, Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultant, Salesforce Certified Service Cloud Consultant)