Salesforce week 19

Another busy week where all focus was on getting our customer ready for the launch of their next release on 3 April. Again I’ve been a bit optimistic about my estimates but all it good and the customer is happy. They just signed an extension to our contract so we will probably be here until the end of the year. Great testament to the value we are providing. Next week I’m going to be two days in Stockholm and 3 days the following week in the week of the release. After that we have a short sprint of 2 weeks to complete a custom search component – again entirely in Lightning. Cool. Cool. Cool.

On the personal front I felt great joy when talking to my former employer. The last thing I did before I left them in November was deliver a project integrating the OnTime Group Calendar for Microsoft with the Danish national system for sending SMS reminders called NemSMS. Intravision is getting ready to sell the solution to the second customer which is great by itself but the potential customer has been in contact with the existing customer to gather experience with the system and their only comments were: “simple to use” and “just works”. Great!! I have to make a mental note to do a write up of the solution.

What did I learn

  • Another busy week
  • Writing your work V2MOM makes you want to do it on a personal front but it may ruin my procrastination

Status after this week

Trailhead points: 80150

Trailhead badges: 82

Certifications: 5 (Salesforce Certified Administrator, Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder, Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator, Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultant, Salesforce Certified Service Cloud Consultant)