Salesforce week 15

A week with two days of travel although not going to Stockholm for a change. This weeks trip brought me to Amsterdam and our Regional Kickoff for the EMEA North region. First day was breakout sessions for the various divisions and then drinks and dinner. Day 2 was the main regional kickoff and after a mindfulness session and group massage we got started. All good fun, good information an a nice place to meet new people and colleagues. Only drawback was the hallways of the venue where the noice levels from hallway conversations really made you tired. All in all two great days with the extended team. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday was either in the home office or at the office in Hellerup. All in all a normal week – but then again not quite…

Tuesday night I joined a conference call heading home from the airport. The conference call was on the pilot program on Salesforce DX which is the new Salesforce Developer Experience. If you are working with Salesforce and haven’t heard or seen anything about Salesforce DX you have work to do. Start at the before mentioned link and then see this session (Deep Dive Into The New Salesforce Development Experience (DX) Architecture) from Dreamforce 2016 showing what it is all about.

It. Is. So. Cool!

Let me give you a bit of backstory as to why. As you may know I didn’t join Salesforce until 3,5 months ago (15 November 2016) so I’m still new to the platform. What baffled me and was about to make me pull my hair out is the fact that the *org* is the source of truth for everything. Data and code. This means that all development and customizations are done in the org using the tools provided by Salesforce. The tools are okay but the workflow is just so old school compared to moderns toolchains and workflows. Salesforce DX turns all this on its head. With Salesforce DX development is source-first, the main way you interact with Salesforce is through the CLI (command line interface) which makes scriptning easy and orgs is something you create and throw away very easily (using scratch orgs). It. Is. So. Cool.

I’ve now had the pleasure to work with Salesforce DX for two days and it is just plain awesome. I’m already using it for some prototyping for the customer I’m working for and it’s just plain awesome. I can easily control my code using git and create different prototypes in branches and easily deploy to scratch orgs for testing. So nice. I’ll definitely be blogging more about Salesforce DX when I get an official “go ahead”. It’s a public pilot but want to air on the side of caution. Say tuned.

What did I learn

  • Salesforce DX rulez the day!
  • The gym at Hilton in Amsterdam can make most gyms jealous
  • Lightning grows more potent by the day
  • Did I mention Salesforce DX rulez the day?!

Status after this week

Trailhead points: 74000

Trailhead badges: 75

Certifications: 5 (Salesforce Certified Administrator, Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder, Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator, Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultant, Salesforce Certified Service Cloud Consultant)