Salesforce week 3

I spent 2 days in Stockholm at the Nordic Winter Summit. The summit gathered all of Salesforce from Denmark, Sweden and Finland (no Norway office yet) for two days of get together. I also met most of the people from the Danish office which was nice. It was 2 very nice days hearing about that went down the last year, what’s on the top of the agenda currently and what’s the plan for the next year. We heard about some of the great volunteering that’s being done by Salesforce employees across the Nordics and what cool new customers we have. We also saw demos of some of the new and coming functionality for the various clouds. Thursday night was a great party and we all had fun it seemed.

Tuesday I earned my first certification out of the 5 I need and I took the test at home. Areas I need to learn more about is Communities, Products and Price Books and portals. All in all I think the test was tough by that I’ve learned a lot already. Next is the AppBuilder certification and I’m hoping to do that late this week or early next week. That’s my plan now anyway.

Still no AMEX card.

What did I learn

  • Never attempt to wear a watch when taking the certs – it’s not allowed
  • Stockholm is cold in December
  • The various automation methods in Salesforce (Workflows, Flows, Visual Process Builder) can be a bit confusing
  • Trailhead is cool
  • the FY17 Code of Conduct training and test is perfect for breakfast entertainment

Status after this week

Trailhead points: 36.250

Trailhead badges: 37

Certifications: 1 (Certified Salesforce Administrator)

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