IBM Connections Cloud (SmartCloud) FINALLY adds much awaited feature

We have had OnTime Group Calendar working with IBM Connections Cloud (SmartCloud) for a years so that customers could move all or part of their mail users to IBM Connections Cloud and host OnTime Group Calendar on-premises or (IBM SmartCloud Notes Hybrid). We have seen adoption and do have customers using it but the main obstacle to full adoption by customers has been the lack of mailfile ACL controls for the customers. Since we require access to the mail files (we do need to read data you know…) a PMR to change ACL’s and/or a custom mail template in IBM Connections Cloud was required to add on-premises Domino servers to the cloud mail file ACL’s. With the latest update of IBM Connections Cloud this capability has finally been added to the administration panel so that customers may control these capabilities themselves. Yay!!

Administrators can control access to mail files from administrator interface (available on or after August 17 2015)

Company administrators can now control access to mail files through the Users page of the IBM SmartCloud Notes administration interface. Previously, IBM services needed to review, and then apply the template to the users. Administrators can now make the ACL changes directly against the mail file, saving them time and money.

For more information refer to the info center (Administration: control access to mail files).

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