Guest post – Moving on: Brian O’Neill Edition

First, thanks to Mikkel for letting me publish this on his blog. I’ve always gone back and forth about starting my own blog in the past, but never did, hence why I needed some help to get this message out.

So, why am I writing? I’m excited to announce that I have accepted a new role within my current company, Gore. I will be transitioning into our customer facing capabilities center in Newark, Delaware. I will be championing the digital experience in that facility as well as helping the existing team grown into two new facilities located in the Asia Pacific and European regions. This role will find me moving out of IT (and out of the IBM space), and into the public relations leg of corporate sales. One of the cool things about this role is that it will still allow me to keep my feet wet in the IT space. I am very excited.

As I’ve been a part of the Lotus community since 2001, I’ve been inspired by the stories of those who have followed their passions by doing things like building their lego empire or becoming a college professor. Even with their love for our yellow community, they showed the rest of us that it’s okay to change and grow in other areas. I will surely miss working in the social software space and directly with IBM Connections, but I am really looking forward to learning new skills and seeing what this new world holds for me.

I’ve been honored to have had the opportunity to work within the ICS community. All of you have made these years a highlight of my career. I started thinking through who I might want to thank for where I am now. Certainly there is my family. And there are many within my group of colleagues at Gore, the IBM Champion program, and also Social Connections. But, really, it comes down to YOU. If you are reading this, I’m sure you have helped me with something along the way. No matter how big or how small, thank you.

As a song from my favorite band, 311, says “Reconsider everything“.

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  1. Brian!! So sad to see you leave our awesome circle. I’m glad for you and your new opportunity!   Hope to see you in Boston in 2 weeks!  


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