Atlassian SourceTree Pro-Tip

I’m finding myself use Atlassian SourceTree more and more for my Git work as it’s both intuitive, fast and very pleasing to the eye. Yesterday at an Atlassian event (Getting Git Right) I noticed that the branches were nested in one of the demos. I wondered how they did that but it turns out to be very simple. If you (re)name a branch and use slashes (/) in the name then SourceTree will automatically nest them. Very nice and does make it easier to distinguish between feature, release, bugfix branches etc. The below video shows how you rename a branch in SourceTree using slash.

One thought on “Atlassian SourceTree Pro-Tip”

  1.  … and if you use GitFlow you’ll get this out of the box 😉
    Can’t stress enough how good GitFlow is to help you split things into features, releases, hotfixes (applied to master AND development branches), etc.


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