WebSphere Application Server Liberty Profile webcast replay

In case you haven’t heard about WebSphere Application Server Liberty Profile and you are doing any work with J(2)EE servers you really should do your self the favour and read up on it. In essence it’s the best thing since sliced bread for application developers that target WebSphere Application Server and here’s why:

  • It downloads and installs in less that 5 minutes
  • It’s binary compatible with the full WebSphere Application Server so you can be certain that code that runs on Liberty Profile will also run on “full fledged” installs
  • Only starts the components required for your app so it starts in 5-10 seconds
  • Has great platform support including the Mac
  • Has great support from IDE’s such as Eclipse WTP

Right now there’s a webcast available from websphereusergroup.org called A Technical Introduction to the IBM WebSphere Liberty Profile which could be a great starting point for you. I’ve used Libery Profile extensively already to develop TAI’s, servlets and test federated repository setup without needing a full WebSphere Application Server install which also doesn’t run locally on my Mac.

Liberty Profile is a great win for developers.

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