It’s been a while!

Wow! Blogging hasn’t really been my thing for a while. Actually I realize that I’ve flow a bit below the radar for the last couple of months. November saw the birth of our second child (a son, Matheo) and we’re still adjusting a bit to the life as a two-kids family though it’s getting easier. I sure enjoyed going to Summer Time this year as it means that he wakes up at 6am instead of 5am. Besides that 2013 ended in work, work and preparations for Connect 2014.

IBM Connect 2014 is still kind of haze to me. I had way too much going on without really remembering doing anything. If we talked at IBM Connect 2014 I cannot remember and if I promised anything may I suggest you get back to me on it? Seriously I tried to do too much. If I go next year it will need to be less stressful. To much with two sessions, Champions stuff, a booth and loads of customers to talk to. After IBM Connect 2014 I took two weeks of vacation with the family which didn’t really make me feel relaxed. Not a good sign. Due to this I really did dial it down and February, March and April have been “off line” months and I’ve tried to concentrate on family.

I’ve also dug in and concentrated on near term work at IntraVision. I’ve done a bit of consulting and we’ve just put the final touched on OnTime Group Calendar v. 3.8.5 today and will be shipping it next week. It’s been nice getting back into Eclipse and SWT coding bringing the new features in OnTime to “my” user interfaces in Notes meaning the full screen UI and the sidebar component. It’s been days of GC, string extents and FontMetrics. It’s been great. I’ve also made the switch from SVN to Git for the 30 repos for these UI’s and it’s been great. Before making the move it was hard for me to comprehend Git and why it was “the next big thing” but after making the move I cannot imaging going back. I just love Git.

All the work on OnTime is leading up to loads of events in May in Denmark, Germany, Norway, Czech Republic (actually June, Social Connections VI) and – I’m happy to say – Japan for XCITE. I’m very excited that I’m heading back to Japan in two weeks for the XCITE event there and to meet customers and partners out there. It’s going to be so great.I’m looking to the trip, the food, being back in Japan and meeting up with friends there.

Due to me flying below the radar I’ve also reevaluated this blog and what I do on the “social” side. I want to get back into Twitter and I’ll try and use this blog for a weekly catch up post. We’ll see how it goes. If nothing else this post may be a beginning although I’ve learned not to promise anything.

Boy it felt great posting again.

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