Year in review 2012 (not a typo)

Boy 2013 was a busy year. In fact it’s been so busy and I have been so bad at blogging that I never got around to finish my year end review for 2012. In a draft blog post I had the following:

“2012 was a busy year – maybe the busiest year I’ve had in a long time. Besides numerous customer projects here in Denmark I’ve also been involved in a number of international projects and traveled more than ever before. I went to the US twice, Japan twice, Australia once, and to too many European countries to mention. I spoke at and participated in more conferences than usually (Social AppDev workshop, Dublin / Social Connections IV, Amsterdam / BLUG, Belgium / LoLA, US / DNUG, Germany / AusLUG, Australia / UKLUG, Ireland / ITPro Expo, Japan / Lotusphere, US). Wow! 2012 sure was busy. At Lotusphere 2012 I was happy to present a session and sit among the other IBM Champions at the OGS. I was super pleased to see the OnTime logo on the BIG, BIG, BIG screen. I participated in the Social App Throwdown session which proved to be more work than anticipated but well worth it. What a great experience and a great session it was.

2012 was also the year where we (OnTime) decided that it was time to go into the Japanese market. We traveled to Tokyo in March without any expectations or any solid plans but ended up with a stellar partner in Axcel Corp. who’s now our partner in Japan. Check out to learn more about OnTime in Japan. In October we went back to support our partner at the ITPro Expo at the Tokyo Big Sight venue. In Tokyo we joined our partner at the booth at the annual ITPro Expo. It would prove to be a lesson to many IBM Lotus Notes/Domino markets out there as it clearly shows why Japan is a thriving and vibrant Notes/Domino market. They do so much stuff right marketingwise and leaves so many markets in the dust. Including Denmark. Really. It was very interesting to see.

Japan is a very interesting market and it will be very interesting to follow in the coming months how it evolves.”