Wow! IBM preemtive here

Received the following notification from IBM by email:

Our Fix Central records indicate that the ID associated with this email address downloaded IBM Connections 4.0 Cumulative Refresh 3 (CR3). IBM support has found an issue that may affect Notes 9 Social Edition clients accessing IBM Connections 4.0 environments with CR3 applied. iFix LO74465 was added to the 4.0 CR3 package to address this issue and is now available from Fix Central. If you have Notes 9 Social Edition clients that will access your IBM Connections 4.0 CR3 environment, please use this link to download the iFix:

If you have already applied 4.0 CR3, please use the update installer to apply LO74465.

If you have not already applied 4.0 CR3, please include LO74465 along with the rest of the fixes you already downloaded, so that it is applied as part of CR3.

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