List of some of the noticeable Notes 9 enhancements

The below list outlines what I find the most interesting about the Notes 8.5.4 release.

  • See messages in your Inbox grouped by date
  • Abbreviated dates
    The Mail views now show abbreviated, simplified dates according to the following changes:

    • If the date falls on the current day, then the date column will only show the time, for example: “4:50 PM”
    • Yesterday’s date will have “Yesterday” plus the time
    • If the date falls on a prior day within the past year, then the month and day will be shown with the time, for example: “May 12 3:50 PM”
    • If the date falls on a day in a previous year, then the traditional date/time is show, for example “5/12/2011 3:15 PM”
    • If, for some reason, there is a future date in the Mail view, due to OS settings, it will be displayed the way that the “May 12 3:50 PM” example is shown above.
  • Scroll through One Month view in Calendar. Instead of viewing only one entire month at a time, now you can scroll through the One Month view of the calendar 1 week at a time. Keyboard access:
    • Scroll backward one month. – PgUp
    • Scroll forward one month. – PgDn
    • Scroll backward one week. Ctrl+PgUp
    • Scroll forward one week – Ctrl+PgDn
  • New Weekly Planner in Calendar. 8.5.4 includes a new Calendar view called Weekly Planner. The Weekly Planner shows the days of the week in a two-column format as shown below, which is similar to the Weekly view in the Notes Basic Client. You can scroll within a day to see more entries.
  • Calendar and Scheduling APIs for C SDK
    The Notes and Domino calendar and scheduling API enables application developers to create, modify, read, delete, or take calendar actions on calendar entries and meeting notices in a Domino mail file. The API encapsulates the complexities of Notes/Domino calendar data, including repeating meetings and notice creation, by utilizing the standardized iCalendar data format.

    A preliminary version of the API for the C SDK is included in CD2. Future Java & LotusScript APIs, as well as a REST calendar service may be built on top of this C functionality, but are not included in CD2. Specifics of the calendar functionality contained in the C SDK are documented in the calendarapi.h header file.
  • Social Edition: New Widgets and Live Text support for iNotes
  • Open Mail, Calendar, Contacts, or homepage in one click