Year in review 2013

Here at the close of 2013 I’m looking back at yet another great year. It’s been busy both workwise and on the personal front. So much good stuff have happened with the birth of my second child off course overshadowing everything else. Matheo as he’s called is thriving and as a family we’re trying to make ends meet and make enough time for both work and play. We did some major remodeling of our house over the late summer and early fall. We’re almost there and done with only 20 odd boxes being left to unpack but looking back it’s been worth it and definitely better done before Matheo was born than after. On the personal front I’m looking forward to a quiet 2014 where we can lick the wounds and recover in the “new” house. Below is a picture of me with my daughter Milla (now 3 years old) and Matheo (almost 6 weeks now).

Workwise another great year. Again I’ve traveled quite a bit with the US and Japan being major destinations. The US for IBM Connect 2013 where I gave a session and for the IBM Leadership Alliance in October. Japan being our new big and exciting market attracted a lot of attention in 2013 and the focus keeps expanding with lots of new licenses being sold there. We have been very fortunate in our choice of partner in Japan and Axcel Corp. is doing a stellar job at OnTime Group Calendar gaining traction in the Japanese market. I’ve done more projects outside Denmark than ever before with one in particular taking up a lot of brain cycles. Not that the project itself was so big but with a team with members from India, Denmark, UK and three cities in the US from Eastern to Mountain time it’s taking quite a mental toll. A lot of conference calls and headaches. Fortunately we watched the project go live at the end of the year so all is good.

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