IBM Connect 2013 session

I was really happy to receive confirmation yesterday night that the session that I submitted with Ryan Baxter was accepted for the Best Practices track. I also co-presented with Ryan in 2011 on plugin development (they are cool you know!) and it will be great to be back on stage with Ryan.

The session is titled “In The Land Of Social Apps The API Is King” and will be all about developing API’s for your (existing) applications. The mantra these days is really “no api no fun” and it will be increasingly clear as you start your venture into supporting platforms such as IBM Connections and of course for IBM Notes Social Edition. The abstract of the session is below.

“It doesn’t matter if you are a developer in a large enterprise or a small startup – all developers face the same challenges. You need to build apps that run on multiple platforms, are easily deployable, flexible, and provide value to your end users. So how do you do that? The answer, APIs! Good APIs help you build desktop, web, and mobile apps, as well as provide tight integration into different platforms such as Notes, iNotes, and Connections. In this session we will show you best practices for designing and building APIs as well provide real world use cases for how it will help you build top notch apps. So whether you’re into XPages, iWidgets or OpenSocial gadgets for Notes Social Edition or IBM Connections this session is for you!”

I really look forward to seeing everybody in Orlando and at the session.

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