Back from loads of travel – thoughts on the Leadership Alliance and Tokyo

So I’m back from a 16 day travel which had me home for 50 odd hours after the 5 days away. First Boston for the Leadership Alliance in Boston which of course – as seen other places on the interwebs is very hush hush – and then Tokyo for 8 days to meet up with our OnTime partner there. The trip was far easier from a jetlag perspective than what I had expected but then again I usually cope with jetlag very well. I did come back with pneumonia though 😦

As mentioned what happens at the Leadership Alliance stays at the Leadership Alliance but suffice to say that it was indeed VERY interesting. If you are wondering whether IBM Connect 2013 will be worth attending it would be a resounding YES!!!! from my point of view. The message is better than it has been for a long while if you ask me. Of course IBM still needs to execute on it but man it’s looking good!

In Tokyo we joined our partner at the booth at the annual ITPro Expo. I’ll do a separate blog post on our adventures in Japan and how the event went as it really deserves it. Also it should be a lesson to many IBM Lotus Notes/Domino markets out there as it clearly shows why Japan is a thriving and vibrant Notes/Domino market. They do so much stuff right marketingwise and leaves so many markets in the dust. Including Denmark. Really. It was very interesting to see.

Now once I’m off this pneumonia thing I will be back in full swing. Stay tuned.