From the drafts pile – Noticeable enhancements for Notes 8.5.3

Found a couple of posts in my drafts pile that I never got posted and that are really past their time. I though I would just post them to get them out there. Treat accordingly.

  • Live Text recognized in MIME emails
    Live Text strings are now recognized in MIME e-mails. This has been an anticipated enhancement for several releases, and is now available
  • Open a Web page widget in an external browser or named embedded browser
    When creating a Web page widget, you can specify that the widget open in an external browser or a named embedded browser.
  • Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA) for Eclipse-based clients, including Lotus Notes
    This code drop introduces Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA) for supplied and third-party Eclipse-based client applications, enabling SPNEGO authentication for integrated Notes application clients. This includes Notes and its embedded Eclipse-based features such as Widgets and Live Text, Feeds, Lotus Connections, and Composite Applications as well as embedded Sametime and embedded Symphony. It also includes adjunct products that are based on Eclipse but not embedded within Notes, such as IBM WebSphere Portal with SiteMinder and stand-alone Lotus Connections 3.0 with SiteMinder.