IBM Connections Extension license

(Of course) Stuart beat me to the punch but I wanted to blog it anyway.

Today IBM officially announced the IBM Connections Extensions Authorized User license as an easy (and inexpensive) way to buy the rest of the IBM Connections suite of features if a customer is making use of the entitlement for Connections Files and Connections Profiles granted as part of Lotus Notes 8.5.3. I too think this is a great move by IBM but asks the question how I’m going to control what parts of Connections users use if running in a mixed environment where some users are using Connections as entitled through Notes and some use it by virtue of their full license. In Sametime we have policy controls to help us but we do not have that in Connections nor have I heard any mention of it. I guess we will have to see how to approach this and whether it becomes an issue at customer sites.

Anyways still a very nice and clever move by IBM.