Make the Integrated Solutions Console (ISC) accessible on standard ports

When you install Websphere Application Server (WAS) either standalone or as a network deployment (ND) you normally install the Integrated Solutions Console (ISC) as well to allow you to configure and manage the server. By default the ISC is available on ports 9060/9443 and it not normally mapped onto an IBM HTTP Server (IHS) for access on ports 80/443. This makes it a real hazzle to access it so I normally change WAS to make ISC available on ports 80/443 on servers where port 80/443 isn’t used. Doing so is really easy and only require a few changes. Below I have outlines the required changes.

In the left-hand menu go to “Environment / Virtual hosts” and select “admin_host” in the list. On the right select “Host Aliases”, click “New” and add an entry for port 80 and one for port 443.

Now in the left-hand menu go to “System Administration / Deployment manager” and select “Ports”. Now change the port for “WC_adminhost” from 9060 to 80 and “WC_adminhost_secure” from 9443 to 443.

Now save the configuration and restart the server or Deployment Manager running the ISC. When you access the ISC again it will be on http://hostname/ibm/console instead of http://hostname:9060/ibm/console.

And as Stephan always says – YMMV…