AusLUG and my sessions

G’day! I’m now in Sydney – have been since Thursday evening (GMT+10) – and I’m getting ready for AusLUG on Monday. Besides sightseeing I’m fine tuning my session presentations for the event. As always one of the cool things about the LUG’s are catching up with friends and I had dinner with Mat Newman and Paul Calhoun last night. Very nice and from what I hear from Mat it’s going to be a stellar event.

I’m honored to be doing two sessions:

  • How the Jedis do plugin development
  • OSGi – Application Development power Unleashed!

The first one is a tested and proven session to get people up to speed on developing plugins for the Notes, Sametime and Symphony clients. Attendees are taken from bare bones Eclipse to being able to develop sidebar plugins in 45 minutes – it really is that easy! The latter session is a brand new one designed to tell attendees about OSGi, what it is and why they should know and love it. OSGi forms the basis for so many things within the Notes client and the Domino server now (the XPages Extensibility library to just name one) and I find it crucial that you as a Notes/Domino developer know about OSGi.

I’m looking forward to seeing a lot of new faces on Monday and Tuesday and seeing a lot of people at my sessions. Come on in – it isn’t as hard as it sounds.

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  1. Wish you the best for your sessions. Hope you have more attendees in your OSGi session than I had at DNUG – that topic is sooo important for any serious Domino developer these days.


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