Do you care for TAI? You really should!!

Websphere Application Server is a beast. A big beast. But it’s a beast that good (even great?!) on a lot of levels and it’s definitely not as bad as you might think and it comes with a lot of goodness and loads of functionality. One of the real cool things about Websphere Application Server is the ability you have to extend the core application server (which is something that is hard – becoming easier but still hard – with Lotus Domino). The extendibility I want to mention today is Trust Association Interceptors – or TAI for short.

A Trust Association Interceptor is an exciting piece of technology that has been part of Websphere Application Server for quite a while and a technology that is becoming my new best friend. It’s objective is to sit between an incoming request and the application server runtime and let you manage the authentication state of incoming requests. Think DSAPI filters to manage authentication if you will except that TAI’s are written in Java and much easier to write, test, debug and deploy.

If you have a reverse proxy such as WebSEAL the way you make it work with Websphere Application server today is by installing a TAI into the application server. It’s also the way that SPNEGO support is added. As with many Java technologies you could just as well write your own – and it’s dead easy. It’s even well documented in the IBM Infocenter. So why would you want to do so? Well imagine if you’re installing IBM Connections and have an existing SSO solution you want to reuse to authentication. Writing a TAI lets you do that with a minimal hazzle.

I’ll post about how you actually go ahead and write a Trust Association Interceptor later.

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