IBM Lotus Domino: Classic Web Application Development Techniques from PACKT Publishing (a review)

Just spent an hour or so looking through the new book from PACKT Publishing called “Classic Web Application Development Techniques” and it’s a good read. It goes from A-Z through developing web applications on Domino using the classic form/view/agent approach. The table of contents reads like this:

  • Chapter 1: Preparation and Habits
  • Chapter 2: Design and Development Strategies
  • Chapter 3: Forms and Pages
  • Chapter 4: Navigation
  • Chapter 5: Cascading Style Sheets
  • Chapter 6: JavaScript
  • Chapter 7: Views
  • Chapter 8: Agents
  • Chapter 9: Security and Performance
  • Chapter 10: Testing and Debugging

If starting out in classic Domino web application development (read “non-XPages) today I would highly recommend the book to serve as a good, solid, introduction to the topic.

Well done and good to see a book for new developers.