Lotus Traveler (Lotus Traveler for Android) available

As Ed writes this morning Lotus Traveler (that is the Lotus Traveler with Android support) is now available from Passport Advantage and IBM PartnerWorld. The part number is CZS86ML.

Downloading and installing it as I write this.

8 thoughts on “Lotus Traveler (Lotus Traveler for Android) available”

  1. Hi there, We have installed the latest version and all is working fine, but Is there anyway where we can have control over the number of devices syncing per use, as in we would like to restrict the number of devices per user id to 1 or max 2… if anyone could point out would be really great


  2. Hi Mikkel Heisterberg … thanks for your response ill just have a look at that, hope this helps in restricting multiple devices!


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