How to extend Notes 8: New version of the demo application

I just posted an update to the demo application for my Extending Notes 8 series of posts. The demo application is discussed in more detail in my previous post (How to extend Notes 8: LiveText demo application). The issue was that I had a button to create a demo e-mail in the UI which made the plugin depend on the Notes Java UI API which was added in Notes 8.5.1 and hence meant that the demo application wasn’t installable on previous Notes versions… 😦

To remedy that I built an new version where the button using the offending API is added from an Eclipse plugin fragment and using a custom extension point (if you’re running Notes 8.5.1+). More on that approach at a later date. For now you may install the new version using the updated widget descriptor (extension.xml) (simply drag the link to your MyWidgets sidebar plugin).

If you do an update – which there’s absolutely no reason to if it already works for you – the only way to tell is by verifying that the version number at the bottom of the sidebar application is changed to 1.0.1.

That’s all for this post. All the posts in the series may be found under the extending_notes8 tag.