How to extend Notes 8: LiveText demo application

The day before yesterday I posted the first summary post in my Extending Notes 8 series with a complete end-to-end approach to dynamically adding LiveTex recognizers. As part of that post I uploaded a demo application (plugin) but I didn’t add a screenshot so I thought I’d remedy that.

As you can see the plugin has a small welcome text and two buttons. You’ll also see a textbox to hold any exception (not that I’m expecting any) that might be raised as part of adding the recognizer and content type. You may use the two buttons to easily create a demo e-mail for use with the added LiveText stuff. The left button creates the e-mail in the UI (using the new handy Java UI classes) and the right one simply sends the e-mail to you in the backend. The latter is very handy for testing as the e-mail needs to be in read mode for the LiveText sub-system to kick in.

I’ve put a compiled version of the plugin on my update site and tthe plugin may be installed by dragging this extension.xml file to your MyWidgets sidebar panel (policy permitting).

That’s all for this post. All the posts in the series may be found under the extending_notes8 tag.

5 thoughts on “How to extend Notes 8: LiveText demo application”

  1. Fantastic post series.

    Enjoyed it very much and I will start now to create my own recognizers.

    Great, I am looking forward to the next series.

    Thany you



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