Send/SMS… Sametime plugin

Using a couple of developerWorks articles (Extending the Lotus Sametime client with an LDAP directory lookup plug-in and Extending IBM Lotus Sametime Connect V7.5 with an SMS messaging plug-in) for inspiration I wrote a SMS plugin for the embedded Lotus Sametime client in Lotus Notes. The action goes in the Send menu when right-clicking a contact.

The plugin picks up the cellphone number from Domino Directory, supports sending to multiple contacts in one go and uses our exiting SMS gateway for sending the SMS’es (via e-mail). The hardest part was finding the menu path to use to stick the action where I wanted it. For others you should use where slotX is either slot1, slot2 or slot3 depending on where in the Send menu you want the action.

Once I’ve made it configurable which server to use for Domino Directory and how the SMS should be sent (which domain) I’ll probably make it publicly available.

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  1. Neat.

    You also should create a version that talks to an IP based SMS provider (so you don’t need your own gateway) and then sell that version to the Telcos who actually run these gateways. It would after all generate some business.


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