SharePoint 2010

While parsing my RSS feeds today I found an article on the on SharePoint 2010. As always when you’re involved with a technology it’s good to know that the competition is doing and SharePoint is surely a technology platform to watch if you’re involved with Lotus Domino and Lotus Notes.

I find it very interesting to see how Groove has been renamed to SharePoint Workspace. This will make it easier to see how Groove is connected to SharePoint and make it easier to understand for customers. Another hallmark of Microsoft (deep integration between all Office Suite members) is being extended to SharePoint and SharePoint is being extended to Office Mobile.

The launch of Office Web Applications, the ability of Office Web Applications to integrate with SkyDrive and having the opportunity of running the Office Web Applications on-premise is also quite nice. Looking at Office Web Applications it surely leaves Google Docs in the dust and looks like a much more mature and usable product. Microsoft has really hit the mark with this release and the partnership with Facebook makes it a web productivity suite to be reckoned with.

Looking at this SharePoint release I certainly have to spend some actual time getting to know the product and see how SharePoint compares to Lotus products from a collaboration point of view.