LotusLive annoucements – available in Danish plus some other nice stuff

The day before yesterday I was invited on a special blogger web conference discussing yesterdays press release on the new features announced for LotusLive. The conference was hosted by Ed Brill and Sean Pulley (VP, OnLine Collaboration Services). Among the announcements it was very nice to see Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish to be announced as GA languages. Nordic languages among the first 15 languages – yahoo!! Very happy to see that.

Besides the language announcements the call showed some 3rd party integrations into the LotusLive “experience”. The integrations are provided by salesforce.com, Silanis (eSignRoom; demo also showed at Lotusphere), Skype and UPS package tracking and shipping label printing. From my point of view the Skype integration is the most exciting as it proves Skype as a possibility as a general purpose PBX in the SMB market. Very nice.

Showing 3rd party application integration highlights the need for the general availability of a SDK for LotusLive. We asked about the SDK but no promises were made besides what’s described on the business partner page at LotusLive.com. What was nice to see was that the 3rd party integration was split across subtle integration (Skype; action buttons and drop downs), full screen integration in the LotusLive UI (eSignRoom; integrates with Files and Contacts) and integration from another source with full SSO (salesforce.com). Good stuff and it makes me much more eager to see some information about the SDK. Gimme it!!