I’m a certified Lotus Connections 2.5 Administrator

It’s official – I’m certified! How cool is that?! The certification exam was quite hard and the questions range from Websphere Application Server administration questions to administering the individual features to configuring security to deployment scenarios. There’s a huge deal of things you need to know and the infocenter was my friend throughout preparing for the exam. Don’t bother taking the exam if you haven’t worked with the product for a while and put in the hours preparing.

I must admit that this is my first ever Lotus certification as I’ve never had the need before. While studying for this exam my view on certification has changed a bit. Before taking this exam I heard all the stories about certification and how it was about know exact UI wording etc. This exam was nothing like that. The question was very valid and made you think quite a lot and base your answer in your knowledge of the product. An exam as it should be. Another benefit is that I’ve read about areas of the product I otherwise wouldn’t have and I’ve discovered quite some stuff that I need to implement or configure at customers. All very nice.

One thought on “I’m a certified Lotus Connections 2.5 Administrator”

  1. Congratulations Mikkel.

    As someone who was involved in putting together the LC2.5 Admin exam (along with Handly and Luis and others), I am really pleased with the comments that you make.

    I personally felt that the 2.0 exam was far too focused on the details and syntax of WSADMIN commands, XML files, settings in the WAS ISC and so on, meaning it was a very narrow exam primarily testing memory recall rather than real world experience.  The whole exam creation team responded by really trying to test based on our own experience of customer engagements, the tricky questions we’ve been asked by admins, and the wider perspective of Connections administration beyond the initial implementation process.

    It sounds as though we may have hit the mark, which makes all those unpaid hours on conference calls worth the effort!


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