Trying a move to the Mac

This week I’ll be trying a move to the Mac as Per Henrik Lausten (@perlausten) was kind enough to lend me his Macbook Pro until Thursday. I’ve had it for a couple of hours now and it’s already becoming easier. One of my pet pives is keyboard navigation which is something I really want and need. I’m a keyboard kind of guy so being able to navigate applications using the keyboard is going to one of the deciding factors. Finding links like this sure makes it easier but the judge is still out.

I’ll post more as I progress through the week.

3 thoughts on “Trying a move to the Mac”

  1. <span class=”long_text” id=”result_box”><span title=”Ti riporto la mia

    esperienza , sono passato da windows a linux nell’Aprile del 2004 e da

    circa 6 mesi utilizzo mac ( DELL XPS 1530 con Mac for intel ).”>We carry in my experience, I switched from Windows to Linux in April 2004 and from about 6 months using Mac (DELL XPS 1530 for Mac Intel). </span><span title=”Non ho ancora cancellato la partizione linux e penso che non lo

    farò mai …”>I have not deleted the linux partition and I think I never will … </span><span title=”Ma Mac OS è davvero fenomenale !”>But Mac OS is truly phenomenal!</span></span>


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