Eclipse Demo Camp Copenhagen – it is on Thursday!

So the Eclipse Demo Camp Copenhagen will take place on Thursday in the IBM offices in Copenhagen. Checkout the wiki page for more information. The lineup looks quite promising.

Tonny Madsen, RCP Kompagniet
What exactly is the new e4

Jesper Steen Møller, NineConsult A/S
XPath2, XML Catalog and XSLT tooling

Bent Agervold Jensen, ReportSoft,

Mikkel Heisterberg, Intravision
Signed plugins and how these works end-to-end in Lotus Notes

Jakob Lyng Petersen, Maconomy
Building a Generic Client for Business Professionals
using Eclipse RCP

Ekkart Kindler, DTU
Model-based Software Engineering with the Eclipse
Modeling Framework

Steen Brahe, Danske Bank, Use of the Graphical Modeling
Framework in Danske Bank

Jan Schoubo, LEJLN platformen
Linux-Eclipse-Java-LEGO NXT - For absolute beginners

Looking forward to seeing you there.

2 thoughts on “Eclipse Demo Camp Copenhagen – it is on Thursday!”

  1. I attended the Bay Area Eclipse Demo Camp last week at Cicso. Great program and real food, not just pizza , for a change (thanks Avantsoft). I think I might like the Copenhagen program even more 😉

    Can we all just switch to E4 now ;-?


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