Wow!! turns 5 yrs today

Has it really been that long? Well apparently it has. It seems like just yesterday that I started into this whole blogging thing and ventured down a road on which I have spent countless hours since then. When I started blogging was weird and felt strange somehow. Now after years of doing this it comes much easier and I have a hard time imagining not having and writing this blog.

Lately some of my blogging have moved to Twitter as a way of discussing the communicating small blurbs of information. Twitter will in no way replace the blog but it’s a nice addition. Micro blogging adds something to the experience and community that I cannot quantify but I feel that it’s positive. More and more of the community is moving to Twitter and the 24×7 buzz around the virtual water cooler makes for interesting discussions and a place to vent and/or rejoice.

One thing is certain – I’m looking forward to more years as the author of and I hope you as a reader are too.

Thank you for reading.

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